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Lata Tembakah Waterfall

The Lata Tembakah is one of the recommended place to visit. Located in the district of Besut, and just about 30minutes away from Besut Town to reach this place.

Hidden in the thicky wooded tropical rainforest, the Lata Tembakah Waterfall is a refreshing getaway and really situatable place for nature lovers.

The cool air produced by the waterfall and the forest canopy also make it a pleasant relaxation spot for all visitors.

A visit to the waterfall needed the visitors take a two km trek that is rewarded with a stunning view of its cascades and the surrounding greenery.

 The trek

There are have 7 levels of waterfalls here, which is every level have their own sign as guidance for all visitors.
Maybe some levels, is not suitable for the family who brings along them the childrens.

 Signboard of 7 Levels of Waterfall

Most of the time, only level 1-2 are visited by the visitors because it is more sloping and ideal place for the childrens plays in the water.
 Level 2

The highest

A lots of facilities prepared to the visitors, such as camsites, a suspension bridge, resting huts, changing rooms, children's playground and much more.

For all overnight visitors, other than stay in their own camp, there is also have a chalets that operated by the Forestry Department available for rent with lower price. This chalets are accomplish with aircond, kitchen, toilet, 3 double decker beds and also dinning table.

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